ACWORD is an evolved bi-directional system that allows detection and realtime control of all data relating to the production and programming of warping and preparation departments.

The system consists essentially of a TXC-ORD installed on each of the warping machines of the department for the automatic detection of motion or break yarn signals and of a PC (server), which can also be the same used in the weaving department (if also system ACWTEX is installed).
The PC, which is connected via the serial line to TXC-ORD equipments, collects data coming from them, displays and processes the complete data in order to make them immediately available to operators of warping department.

Each TXC-ORD constantly detects the motion and stops signals through the serial line and sends these data to the PC which is continuously scanning all connected machines, collects data and updates the situation in real time on the main page (Monitor) of the ACWORD software.
In this way it becomes possible to handle, both on the PC in the office and on the TXC-ORD on the machine, all department’s most important data such as: styles, beams, operators, stop and intervention keys, shift change, etc.

ACWORD software allows better planning of production of the whole warping department and, if it is present inside the company also the ACWTEX system for weaving monitoring, you can integrate the data of the two departments to manage the progress of production and to plan the supply of raw materials for both departments. ACWORD is a software for warping production monitoring very easy to use and can be integrated with any ERP software that is used within client’s company.

This allows an efficient exchange of data between production departments and administrative and accounting offices, thus allowing better efficiency and a more rapid exchange of information within the company..


  • Automatic withdrawal of data from the warping machine
  • Shift and operator change management
  • Customizable timetable management
  • Automatic and on-demand Reports
  • Stop and intervention keys management
  • Production progress management
  • Possibility to view and manage the system from network pc
  • Integration with any management software (ERP)
  • Yarn supply management