Fabric quality check


EACDFT softwares for the control of fabric’s quality, both finished than crude, were created by OMG in order to allow operators to make an easy and fast fabric check, and to print effective reporting of examined pieces.

With EACDFT software a centralization of data becomes available not only for the fabric check department, but for all the business organization.

EACDFT is a software you can install on any personal computer; on the PC, via a serial line, can be connected the instrument for meters reading and the one for weight’s reading of the pieces.
The operator on the machine has to indicate, through PC’s keyboard, the piece’s start / end signal and to insert the detected defects; the system will automatically combine defects at its effective lenght.
At the end of check operation you can then print the summary reports with data of the checked piece and advance it to the following departments.


  • Facilitated introduction of defects using the pc keyboard
  • Management of start/end piece marks
  • Free setup and defect classification (table entirely customer-definable)
  • Machine operator management
  • Classification of defects "short and continuous" with indication
    of their position and relative metric length
  • Possibility to insert the data of the piece with barcode reader
  • Possibility of automatic sampling measurement of pieces via RS232 serial line
  • Possibility of automatic sampling of gross and net weight
    of the pieces via RS232 serial line
  • Possibility of manual insertion of "severity" of defects
  • Automatic calculation of the "discount" on piece’s lenght
  • "End Check report" with summary data such as defects, weight, lenght etc.
  • Possibility to customize the "end check report" with company logo
    and data in the desired language
  • Possibility of printing production and statistical reports for day, week and month
  • Print of the "mapping" of defects with possible exclusion of certain categories of defects