Dobby Pattern


ACWARM is a system essentially composed of an electronic card fitted inside TXC-1T equipments and of a software installed on a pc that enables exchanging of the dobbies with the electronic armour of modern dobby looms.
In this way it becomes possible to transfer the dobby to the loom without using special electronic equipment with their special cables and connectors or memory cards on which copy the designs before you can transfer it to the loom.

To transfer a dobby pattern to the loom You simply have to type on the keyboard of the TXC-1T the dobby’s code itself, enter a confirmation code and press "send": the PC, on which there are the program ACWARM and the archive of available dobbies, then takes care of managing the request and will send the same.

Once the transfer is ended, on the pc and on the display of TXC-1T equipment, will appear a confirmation message.
The Transfering of a dobby pattern then becomes a very simple task and does not require any external equipment (programmer or memory card).

The PC containing dobbies’ archive can also be connected trough the network with an evenctual "CAD-CAM" system present on the farm; in this way will be possible to send dobbies directly from designers’ office to the weaving room and having dobby patterns on a single PC is a considerable advantage in terms of data centralization and useful management..


  • Possibility to call dobbies from the TXC-1T aboard the loom
    and transfer them to the loom itself (directly or on loom’s memory)
  • Transfer from the pc where there is dobbies’ file
  • Same procedures for any kind of loom with electronic dobby
  • Different hardware and cables not needed depending on various models of looms
  • There is no need for memory card or other storage media and transfer.
  • Cad-cam interface