ACW-SELV is a software that allows a quick realization of written selvedges and makes them immediately available for jc4 jc5 jc6 Staubli jacquard.
ACW-SELV creates new selvedges directly using Windows fonts or using them for creating custom scripts. In this way procedures for the creation of a new alphabet are greatly facilitated and you can also use special characters to create corporate logos or trademarks.

The ACW-SELV software also allows a free and simple creation of bottom dobby patterns so that you can better combine them to the created selvedges and to weaving needings.
Once launched the software, the user is immediately in the condition of building a new written selvedge or view and edit a previously created one.

From the menu "Selvedge" you can choose whether to use an existing alphabet or not and if so choose any Windows font for starting.
In any case it will be then possible making general changes to all the alphabet or to any single character (letter, number, symbol or logo).

A similar procedure can be used for the botton dobbies where you can choose whether to use an already present one in the archive or build one from scratch with the appropriate tools available in the software.

Finally, once the written selvedge and the dobby are composed, you can view or print the final result.


  • Easy creation of new custom alphabets from Windows™ fonts
  • Direct creation of written selvedge with Windows™ font
  • Simplified creation of bottom dobbies pattern
  • Possibility to define, during construction of the selvedge,
    the spacing between words as well as between the various repetitions
  • Possibility to save selvedges in jc4 jc5, jc6 format for jacquard or in bmp format
    for subsequent changes
  • Direct reading and writing of jc4 floppy disks or jc5 and jc6 files
  • View and print of selvedge’s preview
  • Easy creation of logos and special characters