AcwTex is an evolved bi-directional system for detecting and real-time control of all significant data concerning the weaving production departments. The system consists essentially of a TXC-1T unit installed aboard every loom of the weaving room for the automatic detection of production data and of a PC (server) that is connected to the serial line of the looms, which collects data from them, displays and processes to make them available in a fast and efficient way to the operators.

Each TXC-1T constantly detects motion and stops signals (weft, warp and miscellaneous) from the loom and using the serial line transmits this data to the PC.
The PC, by the scanning of all the looms, collects data and updates them in real time on the main page of the program AcwTex (Monitor). The pc also lets you manage production data for each loom so you can manage both on the TXC-1T and on the pc data such as styles, beams, weavers, operators, stop keys, shifts, etc.

Thanks to the real time analysis of the evolution of production, the system also allows the prediction of discharge, that is the planning of the weaving room in order to preview the end of production for each loom and for each beam; in this way you can plan the future production of the whole weaving department.

AcwTex is a user-friendly weaving monitoring system and is a very useful tool for the production planning: between the various features there is the possibility to integrate it with all ERP systems already working in companies so that they can use existing data about the production to perform (orders) and also dump the data pertaining to the production carried out which can then be used by administrative departments for the complete order fulfillment.


  • Automatic collection of data from any kind of loom
  • Automatic management of shift and warp change
  • Weaver exchange management anytime during the shift
  • Customizable timetable management
  • Many automatic and on-demand reports
  • Video or printing on paper of discharge prediction and weaving room planning
  • Customizable management of key and stop action
  • Operators management
  • Possibility to view and manage the system from one or more network pc
  • Integration with any management system (ERP)